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April 2013: New Additions To Martin Doyle Flutes

Some recent additions to Martin Doyle’s website:

New Testimonial

Martin Doyle recently sent a flute to Russia and, after some initial delays, it finally reached the hands of its new owner who kindly expressed his joy with these words:

Hello, Mr Doyle!
I finally got the flute and it is incredibly beautiful! You are an expert in beauty and the sound is perfect! I have never seen and never played a flute easier than this one. This is a work of art for me!

Lately I’ve been studying a lot about the relationship between geometry and the sound of flutes. But the strong D of this flute – a mystery to me. I do not know how you manage to do this. This flute permits me to do the impossible! Unfortunately, I don’t quite know very well English, to tell you my impressions! But, believe me, it’s endless! I have very long dreamed of a flute like this and now the dream has come true!
Ivan Pustovalov.

More testimonials can be viewed here »

Left-handed Keyed Flutes

Martin Doyle recently completed a left-handed six key flute for Clare flute player Brian Morgan. An image of that flute has been loaded onto Martin’s website and can be viewed here »

New Tunes Added

Having received his new flute and being the enthusiastic type, Brian Morgan got together with Martin Doyle and Martin’s son Joe for a session at Martin’s home. Martin recorded Brian and Joe playing some tunes together and the results can be heard here »
(Many thanks to Ronan Browne for identifying the three reels in this set.)

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Irish Translation Added

UpdateJust added to Martin Doyle Flutes: a Irish version of Martin Doyle’s homepage.

The translation was very kindly furnished by the renowned Irish biographer and encyclopaedist Diarmuid Breathnach of County Wicklow, Ireland.

Born in 1930, Diarmuid was educated at University College Dublin and became a librarian in Kilkenny, then a sound archivist and chief librarian at RTÉ from 1974 to 1986. His major achievement is the compilation, with Máire Ní Mhurchú, of Beathaisnéis, a multi-volume dictionary of modern Gaelic culture. On May 17, 2002, the National University of Ireland conferred honarary degrees – The Degree of Doctor of Celtic Studies – upon Diarmuid Breathnach and Máire Ní Mhurchú at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. Read more…

Our heart-felt gratitude goes to Diarmuid for his kind efforts with the Irish translation of the Martin Doyle’s homepage – thank you Diarmuid!

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New Testimonial for Martin Doyle Flutes

UpdateMartin Doyle has just received a very kind testimonial from John Wood of London. John has recently purchased a keyless Martin Doyle flute made of African Blackwood (without a tuning slide) from All Flutes Plus in London and had this to say about his purchase:

“[…] I bought a keyless (no tuning slide) Traditional Blackwood flute at All Flutes Plus just three days ago and I cannot believe that I can finally play the Irish flute… (well starting to anyway). I have been playing the Uilleann Pipes and whistle and a wooden Boehm-system flute for years, but everytime I would try the “Irish” flute I would hide it back in the sock drawer after half an hour and there it would stay for another 3 or 4 months. Evertime I tried it I would end up exhausted and irritated beyond words… Why could I not sound like everyone else I heard playing this *&^%$^ thing. Now I pick up your flute and everyday it is playing easier, sweeter, stronger! Amazing! There are so many choices out there but believe me, I made the right choice when I bought a Martin Doyle flute.”

Many thanks to John Wood for his kind and encouraging contribution. You will find his full tesimonial and many others on Martin Doyle’s Testimonials page.

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Japanese page added to Martin Doyle Flutes

UpdateJust added to Martin Doyle Flutes: a Japanese version of Martin Doyle’s homepage which was kindly supplied by Karel Svadlenka of the Sri Chinmoy Centre of Japan. Karel is originally from Praha in The Czech Republic.

Many thanks Karel!

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Italian and French translations added

UpdateJust added to Martin Doyle Flutes are Italian and French translations of the website’s homepage. The Italian page was kindly translated by Shadri Bortolini of the Italian Sri Chinmoy Centre and the French translation was kindly offered by Gwenn Frin. Originally from Brittany and now living in County Clare, Gwenn is a flute player who is spending time working with Martin Doyle to learn the fine craft of flute making.

Many thanks to Shardri and Gwenn!

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More Email Issues

Email ProblemsMartin Doyle Flutes has just changed host server and our email may have been down for a couple of hours. If you have tried to send either Martin or the webmaster an email and it has bounced back at you, kindly try again as the issue has been resolved. (Fingers crossed!) :-)

Thanks – and our apologies for any inconvenience.

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New Business Card and Brochure


Martin Doyle Flutes new brochureIn keeping with the spirit of improvement and newness, and to reflect Martin Doyle’s high standards of craftsmanship, a new business card and brochure have been created for Martin Doyle Flutes.

The new business card and a four page brochure are of course available in hard copy, but PDF files have also been added to Martin’s website for those who would like to download them from the web. They can be found on the Contact page.

Credit and gratitude for the graphic design work goes to Hayden Bell of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in New Zealand.

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