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Kind Words and Delightful Tunes

Ronan Browne and Cathal McConnell Some recent additions to Martin Doyle Flutes include two delightful tunes from Ronan Browne (pictured right top) and a very kind testimonial from Cathal McConnell.

The two tunes that Ronan Browne has offered, Planxty Irwin and Hector the Hero, that are both being played on a Martin Doyle D flute made of Cocus wood. They can be heard here »

The following are Cathal’s words:

“My friend, flute maker and flute player extraordinaire Martin Doyle made my B-flat and C flutes, both of which are a complete joy to play! On a recent visit he also gave my aging Rudall and Rose a much-needed and thorough overhaul. Its cork had been there 150 years!!! A heartfelt thank you Martin, for your craftsmanship as well as your kindness.”

More testimonials from people who play Martin Doyle flutes can be viewed here »

Our gratitude to Ronan and Cathal for their generous contributions and support.

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April 2013: New Additions To Martin Doyle Flutes

Some recent additions to Martin Doyle’s website:

New Testimonial

Martin Doyle recently sent a flute to Russia and, after some initial delays, it finally reached the hands of its new owner who kindly expressed his joy with these words:

Hello, Mr Doyle!
I finally got the flute and it is incredibly beautiful! You are an expert in beauty and the sound is perfect! I have never seen and never played a flute easier than this one. This is a work of art for me!

Lately I’ve been studying a lot about the relationship between geometry and the sound of flutes. But the strong D of this flute – a mystery to me. I do not know how you manage to do this. This flute permits me to do the impossible! Unfortunately, I don’t quite know very well English, to tell you my impressions! But, believe me, it’s endless! I have very long dreamed of a flute like this and now the dream has come true!
Ivan Pustovalov.

More testimonials can be viewed here »

Left-handed Keyed Flutes

Martin Doyle recently completed a left-handed six key flute for Clare flute player Brian Morgan. An image of that flute has been loaded onto Martin’s website and can be viewed here »

New Tunes Added

Having received his new flute and being the enthusiastic type, Brian Morgan got together with Martin Doyle and Martin’s son Joe for a session at Martin’s home. Martin recorded Brian and Joe playing some tunes together and the results can be heard here »
(Many thanks to Ronan Browne for identifying the three reels in this set.)

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Fingering Charts Added To Martin Doyle Flutes

Martin Doyle playing a simple system keyless D flute

In the interests of serving those who play simple system flutes, Martin Doyle has added fingering charts for simple system keyless D flutes to his website. Printable PDF versions of the fingering charts are also available to download.

These fingering charts are inspired by the fingering charts published by Johann Joachim Quantz (1697–1773) in his treatise On Playing the Flute which was first published in 1752. Martin Doyle studied Quantz at the beginning of his flute making career and found On Playing the Flute to be a great source of inspiration and information regarding simple system flutes and eighteenth century music in general.

Fingering Chart

Martin Doyle's fingering chart for a simple system keyless D flute

Martin Doyle’s fingering charts for simple system keyless D flutes can be viewed here »

A big THANK YOU to Asankita for creating the graphics – chur bro…!

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MDF gets a facelift and Joe Doyle makes music

MDF gets a facelift

It has to happen every now and then… spring cleaning that is. And in New Zealand, where Martin Doyle’s webmaster lives, it is spring – so the timing is perfect. The southern spring has sprung and Martin Doyle has a new website – well, a new template at least. Same content pretty much, with some minor additions and the odd little tweak here and there – a facelift in effect.

The new-look Martin Doyle Flutes website

The new-look Martin Doyle Flutes website

So a little celebration is in order and what better way to celebrate than with music…

Joe Doyle makes music

Joe Doyle

Joe Doyle

Recently added to the Martin Doyle’s flute music page is a lovely piece composed by Martin’s son Joe Doyle. Joe was out in the garden at his father’s home in County Clare a couple of weeks back, ‘playing around’ with his recently acquired Martin Doyle rosewood flute, when a tune drifted through the music-rich ether of Clare and manifested itself through Joe’s flute. Joe dedicated the tune to his father by naming it ‘The Flute Maker Martin Doyle’ (‘by the flute makers son’, as Joe quipped) and recorded it later that day.

As a result, ‘The Flute Maker Martin Doyle’ can be heard here.
Fair play to Joe – a lovely tune.

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New Testimonials Added

Thumbs UpI am sure that it is always very encouraging for any craftsman to receive some positive feedback from his clients. After all, most instrument makers spend many hours of each week alone in their workshops labouring to create something that they hope will please the person they are making it for. So when a happy client offers a positive comment, it must be very satisfying and encouraging. Two such comments have just been added to Martin Doyle’s website from happy clients in America.

Amanda Drinsinger — flute player from the USA:

“I received the flute early last week. It sounds rich and beautiful and it is very beautiful and of excellent craftsmanship! I am extremely pleased with your work and I think you are the world’s best celtic flute craftsman! I have not played or seen in person any other instrument that matches the sound, beauty and quality put into this flute!”

Ruth Yates — flute player from Hollywood, Maryland, USA:

“Hi Martin. I just wanted to tell you that the rosewood flute I purchased from you in October [2009] is so lovely. I found it very easy to play and the tone is so mellow and nice. Don and I really liked coming to your home and seeing your workshop and picking up the flute. It was such a genuinely good experience meeting you and seeing how the instruments come together. Regards, Ruth Yates.”

These and other kind comments from owners of Martin Doyle flutes can be viewed here: Testimonials

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Recently Added: Baroque Flutes by Martin Doyle

A new page highlighting Martin Doyle’s Baroque Flutes has been added to Martin Doyle Flutes.

Martin Doyle completed his first set of Baroque flutes early in 2000. Originally working with African Blackwood, he modeled his Baroque flute design on an eighteenth century Rottenburgh Baroque flute. Martin has also made Baroque flutes from Irish Boxwood — one of which is featured below.

Martin Doyle Baroque Flute in Irish Boxwood

Martin Doyle Baroque Flute in Irish Boxwood

To find out more and to hear Martin playing his boxwood Baroque flute, jump to: Baroque Flutes by Martin Doyle.

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Testimonial from Tomás MacUileagóid

UpdateTomás MacUileagóid, a flute player, fiddler and harp player/maker from Dublin, Ireland, has kindly added a testimonial to Martin Doyle Flutes. Tomás recently purchased a keyed flute from Martin Doyle.

“Hi Martin, I have thought a lot about writing to you since I got my keyed flute from you. I wanted to really feel my way into it and explore what it has to offer. I am astounded by the range of colour available, just waiting for me to exploit it. The tones available far exceed what I could get on the flute I got off you 10 years ago. I wanted the keys because I have a particular interest in the music of east Galway, Paddy Kelly and Paddy Fahey in particular, and you can’t really manage that without the F natural. Obviously since I have a keyed flute I notice other flutes much more, and I am continuously impressed by your standard of craftsmanship, and I understand how difficult it is to maintain such a high standard. Well done!! I don’t know what motivates you as an instrument maker, but I enjoy being able to create something that is unique with its own voice, that will hopefully live long after me and in some small way contribute to making the world a better place. I think you have already achieved this. Thank you. Regards, Tomás.”

Very thoughtful and insightful words from a fellow instrument maker — thank you for your kind and encouraging comments Tomás.
This and other testimonials from owners of Martin Doyle flutes can be viewed here: Testimonials

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